GMP Management is a progressive, pro-active project management firm that offers a comprehensive range of consultant services where the objectives and aspirations of Clients are exceeded within set financial parameters. GMP Management’s philosophy is to deliver commercially successful projects from inception to completion and handover.

This has attracted major Clients who recognise the benefits delivered by GMP Management through their project managers and other professional consultants. GMP Management has a leading team of project management consultants and quantity surveyors who offer development management, project management, design management, approvals management, cost management, quantity surveying services and tax depreciation.

Established in 1989, GMP Management is a proven market leader as witnessed by our involvement in some of the most notable and complex projects, not only in South East Queensland, but internationally. GMP Management offers an unmatched wealth of experience and talent with truly hands-on project managers. The Company’s unique and skilled consultancy has led to a growth in demand for services due to recognition of the benefits delivered. GMP Management has grown carefully to ensure core values are enhanced, not diminished.


Quality & Environment Management Statement

Quality & Environmental Policy

GMP Management Pty Ltd seeks to deliver relevant management services to enable the delivery of commercially successful development projects for its clients. GMP Management aims to be:

  • The Development Consultant and Project Manager of choice on major projects in the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas.
  • One of the main Development Consultant and Project Management practices in Queensland, Northern Territory and Northern NSW.
  • A preferred consultant to government agencies within Queensland.
  • Recognised as specialising in major and high profile development projects.

GMP Management aims to achieve these objectives through the high standards and ability of its individual staff, successful identification and mitigation of risks, and ensuring minimised environmental impact. The success of the Company and its projects is reliant upon the implementation of its Business, Quality and Environmental Management Systems and the desired objectives being attained by all GMP staff. The implementation of Quality and Environmental Management Systems is intended to be an iterative process under which frequent review identifies areas for improvement or preventive action, in order to achieve a continuous improvement in the quality of the procedures themselves.

Pursuant to ISO 9001:2015 Clause 4.3, GMP Management acknowledges that there is a requirement to comply with applicable legal requirements and project specific legal requirements with respect to both environmental aspects and quality management aspects of the business and services GMP Management offers.

GMP Management and its Directors are committed to the following key objectives:

  • Achieving continual improvement in the quality of our services through the training and recruitment of staff and the improvement of our management procedures.
  • Minimising pollution of the environment through the continual improvement of our environmental management policy and the iterative setting of performance targets.
  • Compliance at all times with the law and all applicable legislation to the industries in which GMP Management practices.
  • Active identification and mitigation of potential risks to GMP Management, its Staff, its Clients and the environment.
  • Active identification of opportunities and subsequent actions.

Wherever possible the QEMS defines the procedures and controls which shall assist all employees in achieving the quality and environmental objectives of the Company. GMP Management recognises however that due to the varying nature of projects and clients with which the Company works, it is not appropriate to develop procedures which prescribe the activities required in all circumstances. In recognising this, GMP Management; will only employ staff who are suitably qualified for the tasks which they are required to undertake; will offer training and professional development in new practice areas or areas where individual weaknesses are identified; and will ensure that junior members of staff are supervised at all times by the Project Manager on all projects.

The Directors of the Company maintain the quality and environmental objectives under continual review which shall be informed in particular through project audits with members of staff, environmental measurables, and other external feedback. Whenever quality or environmental objectives are amended this shall result in the review and update of the QEM procedures to suit, and the re-issue of these updated procedures. The measurement of the quality and environmental objectives shall be possible through scheduled and unscheduled audits, the monitoring of measurable environmental impacts, and ongoing identification of opportunities and mitigation of risks, which shall also identify any areas where further improvement is required.

Quality & Environmental Objectives

The Directors and all staff shall have regard to the Quality and Environmental Policy at all times, and the Quality and Environmental Objectives shall be consistent with this. Each of the procedures covered by this Quality & Environmental Management System and accompanying QEM Forms and Guidance Notes are designed to ensure that the Quality and Environmental Objectives in each procedure are achieved. The objectives shall be; to ensure that any mistakes are identified and rectified prior to the issue of any documentation; that a consistent corporate image is achieved through the use of standard forms; that records of all issued documentation are kept in appropriate format for ease of retrieval, identification of possible risks and opportunities are identified and acted upon, and that the environmental impact of the Company’s operations are minimised.

The overriding objective is to ensure that GMP Management acts in accordance with any contracts to which it is a party, its own appointments to any service, and any applicable regulations, at all times. GMP Management will comply with all relevant legal requirements in all aspects of its operations and management practices.

The Quality and Environmental Management System is intended to provide a framework for the pursuit of the business objectives and continued growth of the practice, for meeting the quality and environmental objectives, and for the maintenance of records to demonstrate this.

As a consequence of the above, the QEMS will ensure that minimum quality standards for the delivery of service are met, and that these are maintained under continual review to achieve an improvement in quality standards. In addition to this, GMP Management aims to add value to projects through the professionalism, diligence and creativity of its staff. The technical procedures regarding planned arrangements are therefore designed to provide checks on technical procedures, whilst still affording the flexibility to allow staff to adapt to the specific needs of Clients and projects.

The process of scheduled Staff, Project, Environmental, Management and Business reviews/audits will ensure that Quality and Environmental Objectives are met and maintained under review and that the system is revised in appropriate ways in order to enhance outcomes.

Quality Management System Certification

GMP Management operates under a Quality Management System Certification since 2008. In 2012 GMP Management achieved Environmental Management Systems Certification. The Quality Management Systems are intended to be an iterative process under which frequent review identifies areas for improvement or preventive action, in order to achieve a continuous improvement in the quality of procedures themselves and consequently the services provided to our Clients.

  • Quality Systems Queensland Government Compliance: AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015
    Registration Number: 3469
  • Environmental Systems Queensland Government AS/NZS ISO 14001:2015
    Registration Number: 3572
  • ANZSIC Code Compliance Registration number: 3469



Queensland Government Prequalification System (PQC)

GMP Management is registered on the Queensland Government Prequalification System (PQC) for the Queensland Department of Public Works to undertake building consultancies for the Queensland Government. GMP Management has a PQC Level 4 rating (Registration No. 1644A).

Qld Governement Preferred Logo

Builder’s Licence

GMP Management holds an Open Builder’s Licence, which is a QBCC requirement for managing contracts on larger developments and construction projects in Queensland.

  • QBCC Licence Number: 113 1534  Expiry:   28 May 2021


GMP Management is registered for GST.

  • ABN No:       56 010 928 579
  • ACN No:       010 928 579

Professional Recognition

GMP Management’s staff are all professionally recognised by governing Quantity Surveying bodies such as:

  • The Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors
  • Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors




  • Professional Indemnity
  • Public Liability
  • WorkCover